mardi 26 octobre 2010


Okay, I was going to make this post about Jennifer Lopez, and then I saw these photos of Halle Berry. Halle, Jennifer and many other celebrities came out last night for The Carousel of Hope Ball. Halle looked amazing in this gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent, even more amazing than she’s recently been looking, in my opinion. What could be the reason for her excessive beauty and hotness? This guy:


DAMN HALLE. This isn’t just sex, y’all. Halle actually has feelings for her Frenchman. That sex must be so good, I can’t even imagine. There must be a lot of biting. And spanking. And handcuffs. I mean… THIS is the sex tape I want to see.



On to Jennifer Lopez. I actually think Jennifer looks really pretty here. Good hair, good makeup, the dress is… not my style, but I think she looks really sexy in it. Marc even looks nice. I’m glad he’s not wearing his sunglasses.


One question though: did Jennifer get something done to her lips? Or is that just a really great lipstick? It feels like her lips are slightly enlarged from collagen or something.


Other stars at the event - Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Don’t even ask me what Rita is wearing. I think Rita is so pretty in such a “normal” way, you know? She’s like your boyfriend’s totally attractive mother with great skin and you ask her what kind of night cream she uses. My point? Rita is way prettier than this outfit.


Paris Hilton looking like watered-down Pepto-Bismol.


Sela Ward, who I love, looking underdressed but pretty.


And last but not least, Adrian Brody… looking okay. I don’t hate this facial hair, but he should try to not look so smug.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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